Massage in Nashville, TN

Maybe you are a weekend warrior or have a physically demanding job. Perhaps you are always on the go with work and taking your kids to their activities. Some of you likely travel for business and find yourselves in strange hotel rooms in unknown cities more often than you would like. At first glance, you might assume that all of you have nothing in common - but actually you do. Stress, fatigue, tension, sore muscles, maybe a stiff back, and the occasional headache. In other words, you are pushing your body and it is pushing back. A massage can do wonders for helping to ease your muscles and relax your brain. For those of you living in or visiting Nashville, a massage is literally right at your fingertips.



  • 30 Minute Swedish Massage: $50.00
  • 45 Minute Swedish Massage: $60.00
  • 60 Minute Swedish Massage: $70.00
  • 75 Minute Swedish Massage: $80.00
  • 90 Minute Swedish Massage: $95.00
  • Who can get a massage in Nashville?

    Anybody! Massage in Nashville has traditionally been only available to folks who live in Nashville and have a connection to a spa or massage therapist. It used to be challenging for business travelers, sports teams, and other city visitors to find and access a licensed massage therapist. But now you can easily reap the benefits of a massage with a team of experts who will come to you.

    Mobile Massage in Nashville

    That’s right, with massage therapist that will come to your Nashville hotel, conference centre, the airport and your home - you can now get the treatment that your body, mind and soul need. This unique service is a way for you to get regular massage while on-the-road and more easily fit a massage into your busy schedule. With this mobile massage service, you can choose from a range of massage therapies including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage and chair massage. Each of these different massage therapies have their own benefits and applications. To help you choose the massage therapy that is right for you, we’ve provided an overview including the benefits of each.

    Nashville Deep Tissue Massage

    A deep tissue massage is one in which the massage therapist will work very deep into your muscles - often using elbows, wrists, and forearms to apply the pressure needed. This deep tissue massage is very effective at breaking up muscle scarring and releasing toxins from your muscles. This makes it easier for the blood to flow properly and allows your muscles to really work at their best. A deep tissue massage can help those of you who have recurring injuries, are recovering from an injury, have chronic pain or are feeling the impacts of stress.

    Swedish Massage in Nashville

    In contrast, a Swedish massage is primarily a light-touch treatment. This massage therapy is focused on really getting your body and mind to relax. A licensed massage therapist in Nashville will help you get into a zone of complete relaxation and gently work your muscles to ease the effects of stress and tightness. A Swedish massage is perfect for anyone who is looking for an effective way to relax and escape. With a mobile massage service, you can do this in the complete comfort of your own home!

    Sports Massage in Nashville

    Each and every one of us has felt the effects of working out a bit too hard in the gym or even the impact of that weekly pick-up soccer game or chasing our kids around the basketball court. That’s right - our muscles have this ability to let us know when we’ve gone too far. If you are a weekend warrior, work-out regularly, a runner, football player or work in a physically demanding job, a sports massage can do wonders for you. Whether you are experiencing muscle cramps, are recovering from an injury, have a dull back ache after your daily runs, or have shoulder pain - a sports massage can help you get over these sensations and have your body working pain-free again. A sports massage in Nashville will focus on eliminating muscle scarring, increasing your flexibility, and releasing the toxins from your muscles. Regular sports massage is used by a range of folks to keep their bodies feeling and looking young.

    Chair and Corporate Massage in Nashville

    A chair massage is a unique therapy that really can work for a variety of people in a range of environments. For some of you, you might not be that mobile or even not comfortable disrobing for a massage - well a chair massage is done in a seated position and your normal comfortable clothes are worn. So if you’re recovering from an injury or have limited mobility, a licensed massage therapist can come to your home or office and help you. Another unique aspect of chair massage is the way it can be used in a corporate or business environment. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to reward your employees for their hard work or looking for a way to attract folks to your next trade show booth - the offer of 20 or 30 minute chair massage will definitely work! As you can see there are lots of options when it comes to massage in Nashville - with a range of massage therapies or modalities and the option to have the massage therapist come to your home, office, hotel or airport. In Nashville, this unique mobile massage and spa service is now being offered by This leading Nashville Company has both male and female massage therapists who are skilled at easing your tension, restoring your muscles, and having you feeling and looking good. Massage in Nashville really has never been easier with

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