Nashville Massage in Studio Sessions

Do you want to relax in a soothing and rejuvenating environment with a great massage?

Licensed Massage Therapists can provide you with a wide assortment of therapeutic massage treatments which include Nashville Swedish Massage, Nashville Deep Tissue Massage and Nashville Sports Massage, Nashville Couples Massage and many others!

Generally speaking, when going to a massage studio a few questions arise that we would like to answer for you. Here is a list of a few questions that we thought of answering for you:

What kind of clothing should I wear for my massage?

Generally speaking, you want to wear clothing that you are comfortable with. As far as what you will wear during the massage, it is completely up to your level of comfort as to how much or how little clothing you wear. On average, many people will keep their underwear on. Even if you are fully undressed, the therapist needs to only expose the areas of your body that are being worked on.

What is the length of a time for a massage session?

Massage sessions have a wide range of time that span from 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 120 minutes. Depending on the session you require, the length will vary. For example, it is more customary for a chair massage to be 15 minutes while a full body deep tissue massage 60 to 90 minutes.

When should I get to my massage session?

Generally speaking, you want to arrive 5 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your session. This will ensure that you fill out any paperwork if needed and that you speak with the massage therapist regarding your relaxation needs. It will also allow for time in case you get stuck in traffic or something you did not contemplate arises.

What is the massage environment like?

Massage studios and Spas can very greatly. Some can be rather spartan and have a more medical feel to them while others can be more plush and luxurious. When you are looking to book an appointment, you should ensure that you discuss what is the need for a massage or spa session. For example, a medical massage may take place in a more spartan environment while a massage that is more therapeutic in nature may take place in a more plush environment. Hence, the ambiance does play a role and if it is important to you, you should ensure you ask what type of environment is available.

Are massages painful?

Different people enjoy different amounts of pressure. Some like really deep massages where elbows, forearms and closed palms are used to apply the pressure while others enjoy a lighter sensation. For you to get the pressure you desire, you need to communicate with your massage therapist before the session and during the session so that at all points during the massage, you will get the massage pressure that is right for you.

Is it a good idea to shower before and after a massage?

Generally speaking, yes. It would be a good idea. One of the main reasons for taking a shower prior to a massage is that if your feet are dirty and the massage therapist works on your feet, whatever dirt you have on your feet will be spread to other parts of your body. This would also hold true if for whatever reason other parts of your body are dirty as well. Depending on the massage studio or the location which the massage takes place, you may or may not be able to shower after the session. Some massage therapists use water based creams which are absorbed by your skin and there are others that use oils which are harder to absorb by the skin. Hence, after you have a massage that used oils you may want to shower to remove the excess oil.

Can I tell the therapist what areas to focus on?

The idea behind a massage is for you to relax and for you to walk away with less tension. Often times we carry tension in certain parts of our bodies which require more work in order for that tension to go away. Hence, you can tell the therapist what areas to focus more on so that the tension and stress can be relieved off those areas. Keep in mind that often times while the tension might manifest itself in a certain area of the body, the origins of it may be in another part of the body.

Can I talk during my session?

Often times people use their massage session as a time to escape to a quiet place where they simply relax or fall sleep. For some others, the massage time is used to share details about their personal life. Depending on the type of relationship that an individual develops with the massage therapist, the interaction will vary. In order for the therapist to be able to do the session, it is best that you do not use your cell phone during the session as some times those distractions can produce more tension and stress for you which is counter productive for your massage.

What payment types do massage therapists accept?

Depending on the massage therapist or the massage studio, payment types will range all the way from Cash to American Express. Often times therapists will not accept checks from out of town clients. It is advisable that while you are booking a session, you ask the massage therapist or spa to see what types of payments are acceptable to them.

Do massage therapists accept gratuities?

In broad terms, massage therapy has always been considered a profession that merits gratuities. While they are not mandatory, it is the norm for clients to leave gratuities that fall within a 10 to 20% of the value of the service.

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