Nashville Hotel & Outcall Massage Services

Are you really tired after a long day of work or traveling and would like to relax?

No problem! Licensed Massage Therapists can help! Imagine relaxing in the comfort of your hotel or home receiving a soothing massage from a Licensed Massage Therapist. Licensed Massage Therapists can go to your hotel or home and provide you with a very relaxing experience. This option is not only very convenient, but some for some people who are experiencing massage therapy for the first time it can be a great option as it may reduce the anxiety associated with going to a massage studio or a spa. Please keep in mind that if available, you can choose a male or female massage therapist.

How Does it Work?

After you call and decide that you want to book a session. A licensed massage therapist will contact you to get all the pertinent information to schedule the appointment. Once all the details have been sorted out and a session time has been scheduled, the massage therapist will bring to your location all the necessary equipment which includes massage tables, linens and creams. Upon special requests, the therapist can bring other types of equipment if it is available.

At your location, the therapist will discuss your needs with you, set up the equipment and leave the area in which the equipment is set up so that you can undress to a level of comfort that is appropriate for you. Please keep in mind that while you can be nude, the therapist will ensure that only the areas of the body that are being worked on are exposed. During the massage, you need to ensure that the therapist knows if the pressure is adequate and to make adjustments if needed. Once the session is over, the therapist will notify you that it is done and allow you to get dressed. Once you are done getting dressed, the therapist will pack the equipment.

Please remember that the therapists can provide Nashville Deep Tissue Massage, Nashville Swedish Massage, Nashville Sports Massage, Nashville Couples Massage and other modalities if they are available.

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